Funday School/Children's Program

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We welcome and embrace all children. Our Funday School is open to all children, aged 3+ and includes lessons and crafts, music, meditation and more in age appropriate ways. We have also expanded our program  to include the 52 virtues as shared by the Virtues project. The virtues are based on the book: The Family Virtues Guide: Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Our Children and Ourselves by Linda Popov.

There are 52 virtues. As stated on the author’s website: “Love. Kindness. Justice. Service. Virtues are the very meaning and purpose of our lives, the content of our character and the truest expression of our souls. For people of all cultures, ethnicities and beliefs, they are the essence of authentic success.” More about the virtues project can be found on their website:

 The virtues program is an extension of the principles we share. The center is blessed to have a trained virtues facilitator on our team. Iris Sauber, spiritual leader said, “we have decided to open our funday school to all children. Incorporating this program gives children useful tools and ideas with which to build their character and future success. In the larger community, these virtues support creating a world that is good for all. This is one of our center’s core values—creating a world that is good for all life.”

This program is free for the children age 3+ of all of our attendees. Parents who want to send their children but do not attend our adult services can call us to discuss but there would be a $10 fee for each child.

The program takes place the same time as our adult service which is from 10:30am-11:30am on the first Sunday of each month.

Our Soulful Sunday services are held at the Masonic Freedom Lodge, 2253 Liberty Rd. Eldersburg, MD 21784.  For more information on our virtues program, you can  visit their website (link above) or contact Susi Church, our virtues facilitator, at  410-363-2263