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April 28th and 29th 2017

Open to all New Thought Communities

Unity, Religious Science, Divine Science

members, teachers, practitioners & ministers

Join us at a fabulous retreat to feed your mind & nourish your soul.

Our time together is planned to enhance your journey, uplift and inspire you.

Join like minded people, connect with old friends, make some new friends

and be good to yourself. 


PRACTITIONERS CAN RECEIVE 8 CEUs for licensing renewal


Hotel Check in 4pm-- till

Dinner Friday evening: 5:30-7:30pm

Opening welcome, inspiring talks & concert: 7:30pm-10pm--

Social time around the fire 10pm-- till

Saturday Morning Breakfast: 6:30am-8:45am

Walk the labyrinth with trained facilitator or attend guided meditation 8am-8:45am

IF you plan to walk the labyrinth-- it must be done with socks on your feet ONLY

Welcome Music and inspirational talks: 8:45 am-10:15am

10:15am-- 12:15- choice of workshops

Lunch & Socialize: 12:15 -1:45pm

Choice of Afternoon Workshops: Choices 1:45-3:15pm

 CHOICE of Overview of CSL New Education Program or Intro to Spirit & Business Program to help attract more business people to our centers

4:15-5pm-- Dr. Jay Scott Neale-- The Legacy of Ernest Holmes & New Thought History as he knows it

Music Jam Session/Sing-a-Long, closing, wrap up and farewells 5:00-5:30 pm

Retreat Fee: $120 pp + 3.00 processing fee

You can register using the link below and we will send

a confirmation email. SPACE IS LIMITED

There will be no refunds

Please provide  your phone number as well.


  Registrants must register separately for their room.

Susi Church, RScP is taking room reservations for our gathering. She will also assist those who want to share a room and need a room mate. Call her at 410-363-2263.  If you do not reach her, leave a message and she will return your call.


If you call the Bolger Center


Center for Conscious Living-- Inspiration Celebration

See room choices below


Claudia Carawan in Concert Friday Evening

April 28th 9pm

This will be held in the stained glass room at Bolger in the Osgood Building-- 2nd floor.


    All activities will take place at:

The Bolger Center

9600 Newbridge Drive, Potomac, MD 20854

Phone: (301) 983-7000

Bolger houses a 3 star hotel-- fabulous meals, lush grounds and easy access from

beltway 495.


Room includes:  Dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday morning & lunch Saturday afternoon. There will also be generous snacks throughout the day.

Room rates stated do not include local and state taxes of 13%

We have reserved a block of rooms at  a special rates shown below. Commuters are also welcome. However, the Bolger charges a $95.00 utilities fee for commuters--- lunch will be included.

The one day only fee for the retreat is $75.00-- call for details 410-318-8877

We have also arranged special rates for the day before and after in case you want to spend some extra time there. Here is a brochure to view the rooms.

Rooms Available for the RETREAT: (include Fri. dinner, breakfast & lunch Sat. )

Single: very small cruise ship style room (double bed) for 1 person  $195

Standard: (1 queen size bed) for one person $215 for 2 people $295

Deluxe:  (2 queen size beds) for 1 person $235 for 2 people $315

(triple rate $395-- 4 people $475.00)

 Suite: Queen size bed & sitting area w/ queen sleep sofa for 1 person $ 245 for 2 people $325

($405 for 3 people and $485 for 4 people)

Questions? 410-318-8877

Register NOW-- space is limited


                                                                   Phone # Please


Saturday Only Needs to Call Susi Church to arrange commuter pass with Bolger at a fee of $95 + a fee for the retreat is $75 for Saturday only+$2 processing fee. 
That can be purchased below:

                                                                    Phone #




Shoulder Rooms 3 days Before or 3 days After the Event:


Single: 180 sq. ft., Queen size bed

$ 115.00  Meals are purchased separately or dine locally.

Standard:  360 sq. ft., Queen size bed

$135.00  Meals are purchased separately or dine locally.

Deluxe Double: 400 sq. ft., 2 Queens, separate sitting area

$155.00  Meals are purchased separately or dine locally.

One Bedroom Suite: 460 sq. ft., Queen size bed, Sitting Room

$165.00  Meals are purchased separately or dine locally.



Rev. Dr. Jay Scott Neale

The Center for Spiritual Living-Fremont, CA was originally chartered in 1975 as the Tri-City Church of Religious Science and founded by the husband and wife team of Jay and Carol Neale. 

Originally raised as a Baptist, Dr. Jay Scott Neale found himself in Southern California in the early sixty’s where he began his Religious Science studies at Founders Church. Some of his early teachers included: Dr. Fenwicke Holmes, Dr. Reginald Armour, Dr. Craig Carter, Dr. William Hornaday, Dr. George Bendal, Dr. Robert Bitzer and Dr. Raymond Charles Barker.

He received his first Practitioners License in 1968, became a licensed minister in 1975 and received his Doctorate in 1983.

Beginning in 1963, Dr. Jay Scott Neale studied with many of Dr. Ernest Holmes’ contemporaries and best students, including his elder brother, Dr. Fenwicke L. Holmes. Their friendship was a great inspiration, offering a wealth of wisdom about what it means to be a Religious Scientist and a minister. Dr. Holmes gave him sage advice: “Be so good at teaching that your students can replace you”; “Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, and learn as if you are going to live forever”; …”always be a practitioner first, and be the best student in your church.”

While serving on the RSI Board of Directors, he served as chairperson of the Credentials & Placement and Practitioner Departments, member of the Publications Advisory Board, RSI Rally chairman and both First and Second Vice President of RSI.

Dr. Jay has also Co-written the book Fountain of Truth and created the popular meditation tapes “Love Unfolding” and “Wings Of Wisdom.” Highly acclaimed as a speaker, he has conducted seminars on the Science of Mind in Europe and Canada and throughout the United States. His new book, The Power of Positive Purpose will be available at our retreat.

A joyful and powerful teacher, Dr. Jay takes a humor-filled approach, challenging people to wake up to their spiritual potential and take charge of their lives. He says. “I believe we have a teaching the the world is longing to embody. My heart, mind and energy are committed to this great purpose.”

Dr. Jay wrote for the Creative Thought Magazine monthly and has received the Minister Meritorious and Minister of the Year Awards. He was awarded the Ernest Holmes Legacy Award at the annual Asilomar conference in 2004. 

Dr. Jay serves on the Executive Board of I.N.T.A. Dr. Jay protrays Dr. Ernest Holmes in the Movie, "The Science of Ernest Mind."

Dr. Jay attended every Asilomar Conference from 1965. In addition to being a keynote speaker at the Asilomar Conference, he also hosted the “Holmes History Room”, for over 30 years, where he shared his unique and rare collection of books, articles, videos and memories with all who visited.


Rev. Susan Sarutis

An ordained Religious Science minister, Rev. Susan is the pastor emeritus of the Bucks County (PA) Center for Spiritual Living.

Her career has been checkered, with a job history that includes elementary school teacher, piano teacher, childbirth coach/teacher, cosmetics sales, church organist, church choir, sales and marketing specialist for a freight railroad, hospice work, pastor, and currently wedding officiant.  She also officiates at funerals, memorials, and christenings.  In the past year, she became a certified DreamBuilder Consultant and Life Mastery Coach through the Life Mastery Institute, founded by fellow ordained Religious Science Minister, Mary Morrissey.

Over the past fifteen years, Rev. Susan has officiated at more than 600 weddings, for couples of all races, backgrounds, religious affiliations (or none) and nationalities.  She notes that the common thread through this work – indeed, through all her many and varied work – is love.  It is the life that breathes through and as us, and creates the common life we enjoy as spiritual beings in this human experience.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her two young grandchildren.  Her delight is serving in love and joy.



Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh is the founding Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey, a New Thought and Metaphysical community dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to live a fully expressed life while developing a deep and profound relationship with God, and live a highly responsible life. She is a minister, speaker, author of three books, and a wonderful workshop and retreat facilitator. She currently serves at the highest level of international leadership for the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has also served for three years on the Diversity Commission, and a variety of Educational sub-committees.

Michelle is a powerful teacher and leader who helps to cultivate individuals to be conscious leaders.  Her focus is teaching others how to live full and potent lives grounded in high integrity and authenticity. Peace in our world begins first with our own healing because a healed and whole person will always be less likely to harm another. It is for this reason that Rev. Michelle is devoted to teaching wholeness and then inspiring others to act from that wholeness. In addition to her passion for Peace and developing conscious leaders she is a potent facilitator for transformation, working both in groups and individually.

She has dedicated much of her life to teaching tools for individuals to live in Peace, sponsoring Peace Vigils, and has created a new program encouraging regular citizens to be part of the Peace Movement in their own homes. Her peace salons were inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s quote, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”  

In 2016, Michelle was honored with the Shirley Chisolm Aware, for clergy in the state of New Jersey. Rev. Michelle is one who cares, and cares enough to do more, to show up more, and to encourage others to show up and take a stand for high values like: peace, compassion, kindness, and integrity.     

Rev. Michelle is a dedicated wife, mother of three sons and a grandmother. She shows up for her family with equal commitment as she does for her spiritual community.



  Rev. Brian Akers

As a self described "Advocate for active & practical spirituality, humanitarian, Religious Science Minister, community leader & purveyor of social & spiritual badassery.", Rev. Brian Akers has been involved with the Science of Mind teaching since the age of twelve. He has served in leadership roles with Teens, Youth and Family Ministry and is currently the Sr. Minister at the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living in Columbia, MD.




Rev. Nancy Hazzard


Reverend. Nancy Hazzard has been involved in the Religious Science movement for more than 40 years.  She studied with Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, Dr. Stuart Grayson and  Rev. Wade Adkisson at First Church of Religious Science in New York City.   

After completing her ministerial studies, Reverend Nancy served as staff minister in New York, White Plains and Rockland CSL, for a total of about 15 years,  concentrating her work on various aspects of  youth ministry.

Reverend Nancy has a broad and varied background, serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Venezuela for two years, then teaching in Amsterdam, New York, Brooklyn, and with the NYC Board of Education.  Her interest in music led her to study piano technology, and has worked as a registered piano technician in New York City for over 25 years.

Recently, Reverend Nancy’s  ministry took a new turn,  and she took special CPE training classes to become a chaplain.  She is an ordained independent Minister of Religious Science, serving as a chaplain at two health care facilities in her home community of Staten Island where she facilitates spiritual study groups as well as meeting with individual clients. 

Reverend Nancy is a frequent guest speaker in local churches and spiritual centers.  She is a lifetime member of INTA, and was recently appointed Regional President for the Staten Island and Manhattan areas.

In her spare time Reverend Nancy creates silver jewelry,  works in her garden, and plays with her cat Misty. 




     Claudia Carawan—Positively Soulful Music

                                                 Creating soulful music to lift your vibe


Vibrant, authentic and full of joy, Claudia Carawan is an award-winning singer/songwriter, inspirational speaker & performer whose music runs deep. Her voice has been described as “goose-bump inducing” and her original songs feature buoyant melodies fused with feel-good lyrics. At the heart of Claudia’s music and mission as an artist is a belief that music is transformative.






Sue Esserwein

                                                            Star Fire Muse Music


Sue’s music career spans over 35 years. Her recording career has been diverse: jingle singing, voice over work, choral and orchestral conducting for projects, and a CD work with the well-known jazz arranger-pianist, Cyrus Chestnut.

She has been the Music Director for Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore for 9 years or more and continues to write her own Inspirational New Thought  tunes for all assemblies.

Sue’s writing styles extend from the inspirational tunes, "Be the Change You Seek" and "When You Give You Receive." Her instrumental compositions can be found  in Ambient/Instrumental, Electronica/Dance, Relaxation, Meditation and several other genres which receive radio airplay on and off the Internet.

Sue scores music for the MTV and HBO Networks, as well as for several independent filmmakers. All of her published works can be heard through CD Baby,  iTunes radio, and numerous others.


 Star Reed, RScP singer/songwriter 


Star Reed hails from New York City and was discovered when she appeared in a Sing musical production in High School. She was immediately signed by Peer publishing Company, as a writer and studio musician at the age of fourteen. She performed around New York at various venues such as Iridium, China club, Ashford and Simpsons’ Sugar Bar, the bitter end, Village gate, Chez Josephine and hotels and fundraisers’ as a Pop, Jazz and secular artist.

She began her study with Dr. Raymond Charles Barker at the First Church of Religious Science at Town Hall at the age of 15. After many years working and supporting her family she no longer sang. It was revealed to her last year, after studying to become a Practitioner,  that she was called to have a Musical Ministry.

This songstress processes a sultry and melodic voice, which breathes distinctive qualities and character, which can lift the spirit and soothe the soul.  You’re always going to get a new interpretation. Her arrangements give old classics’ a new color and fresh revelation.


Michael Jenkins, New Thought Member/singer/songwriter


We look forward to seeing you in April.
































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