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"The Science of Mind is the study of Life and the nature of the laws of thought; the conception that we live in a spiritual Universe; that God is in, through, around and for us."

ó Dr. Ernest Holmes








What is our form of prayer?

We sometimes refer to prayer by more than one name. You may hear us call it affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment or scientific prayer.

Where does this name come from?
It comes from our form which is an affirmative declaration, not an asking, but a claiming of that which we desire. It comes from the roots of 'Christian Science' and healing (or giving treatment) by prayer when little was available in the form of medical treatment and people experienced healing through prayer. Sometimes this happened when the medical field had given up.
"Treatment is the art, the act, and the science of consciously inducing its more simple meaning, treatment is the time, process, and method necessary to the changing of our thought. Treatment is clearing the thought of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing it to perceive the ever-presence of  God"                                               
                                     ó Ernest Holmes,  Founder
"Treatment, or affirmative prayer, is a way to open ourselves up to a new awareness of our powerful, joyous, and whole nature. More than just awareness, the practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment produces a whole new life experience. It heals. It transforms. And itís a way to experience our connection with Spirit at greater depth."  
Jeffrey Proctor, Former Senior Minister,  Baltimore Center for Spiritual Living
Do I Need To Call On A Practitioner?
There may be times when a practitioner can be of invaluable help. Ask yourself:
  • Am I too close to my own problem to see the situation clearly?
  • Do I feel that something is blocking that which I am seeking?
  • Do I feel that I lack the experience with, the training in, or the understanding of the universal principles we teach to resolve the difficulty?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you may want to use the services of a practitioner. They can pray about whatever needs healing, be it the body or the bank account. All  practitioners are highly trained to keep the high watch for you...and with you.

The work of the Practitioner is a professional service. Our national organization has established the fee schedule for Practitioner work as follows: single session $40. This is for the time of the practitioner and the years they have studied and trained to get this designation. It is like any other professional service.
Healing prayer work is never withheld because of a temporary inability to pay. Simply let your Practitioner know that you also desire work in the area of prosperity also. Our purpose is to offer support and service, so please do not let the issue of money keep you from calling.

For practitioner services, please visit our practitioner page





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